Taking the good oil to the world

When you undertake any venture, you need to be certain there is a market for your product.

The Australian Olive Oil Export Company (AOOEC) has been established to market high quality olive oil from our projects and customers to both locally and internationally.

It has the support of  Peerless Holdings , an Annie Smithers partner.  Peerless is a member of one of Australia’s largest private groups of companies and a manufacturer of edible oils, fats and margarine.

Peerless Holdings supplies a diverse range of products to food manufactures, caterers, restaurants, bakers and retailers throughout Australia and overseas.  It has developed its own state-of-the-art edible oil refinery, which processes edible tallow and a wide variety of vegetable oils.  These include soya bean, sunflower, canola, cottonseed and palm oils.

Continuous product and market development has resulted in the company marketing an extensive range of high quality products to a wide range of markets.

Peerless will bring its technical and product experience and expertise to AOOEC.  This will be a very large advantage as the olive oil market develops in Australia over the coming years.

Since olive oil became one of the most strongly promoted oils in the world, the consumption of olive oil has boomed in markets such as Australia, the USA, Japan and England.  AOOEC with the support of Peerless, has now committed its experience and expertise to developing products for the local and international Australian olive oil markets.

To develop those markets, AOOEC needs to have access to reliable sources of top quality Australian olive oil in large volume, on a consistent basis through Annie Smither’s project and customers.


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