Olive oil – Taking growth seriously

Using the most advanced propagation, growing, coding, packing and transporting technologies for olives, we supply you with young trees to make your business dreams a reality. These new methods, developed by David Kaholi, enable us to meet industry demands for trees of every variety. And because we grow the trees ourselves, you’re guaranteed they meet our exceptionally high standards and are available in the quantities you require.

As a principle, Annie Smithers carries minimal stock in our nursery.  This gives us a major tree quality advantage because the trees we supply are fresh and vigorous, ready for easy transplanting to the field.  Our experience has shown us that these young trees will out perform older, larger trees which have been held for too long in the pot.


To ensure your trees reach you in perfect condition, we utilise our own unique, dedicated tree handling and transport system.

Featuring purpose built collars and lids for pallets, it enables multi stacking of pallets without fear of damage to the precious cargo inside. The result is better quality transport at low cost.

We are currently using this system to supply trees to our clients across Australia – in South Australia, Western Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.


We understand that when you begin olive farming, your aim will be to see the best olive oil products returns in the shortest possible time. To this end, we recommend planting of the Israeli cultivar, Barnea as the major part of your orchard.

The Barnea has proven to be the best variety for producing commercial yields in a very short time with excellent quality oil. The Barnea, introduced to Australia by Annie Smithers, was developed especially for a modern orchard. Over the past 25 years in Israel, Barnea has produced a premium quality oil, yielding up to 10 tonnes per hectare within three years, with 20% oil content under irrigation.

It has also proved to be the fastest growing olive tree in Australia and New Zealand. At right are pictures of trees at planting and after 1,2 and 3 years in Australia.

In 2002 (year 4 for the Barnea in Australia), some excellent results have been achieved. Growers are reporting yields of 25kg of fruit per tree and 18% oil.

We recommend planting 60%-70% of your orchard with Barnea and 30%-40% with 4-5 other varieties.

Recently, Annie Smithers was provided with a report from the Olive Board of Israel which highlights the high quality features of Barnea olive oil, including:

Widespread adoption as the major olive variety in Israel
Early fruiting, high stable yields and oil quality
Delicate oil with a distinct green grass fruity aroma
First place in National Israeli Olive Oil Board competition
Special popularity among new users not accustomed to traditional olive oils

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