Lance Armstrong used to be a hero of mine and I have borrowed a mangled version of his title, “It’s Not About the Bike” for this post. As a kayaker who spends more time afloat than in bed or at work, I wanted to emphasise my vessel in this article. Not the brand of kayak or its technological qualities, but rather my time spent within its confines and what that does for me. It’s about the kayak, stupid, is not meant to be offensive in anyway, but it is what it is.

We Could Have Pure Games

Getting back to Lance, the whole drug cheat thing did not faze me, because in many ways that showed his determination to do whatever it took to win. I have, often, thought that the authorities should just let them go hell for leather with all their performance enhancing drugs and see what eventuates. We could have pure games for those who wished to be free of chemicals and open slather games for the rest. All these Marvel and X Men movies gets you wondering about the future of human augmentation. Do we really think that technological innovation will limit itself to mobile phones?

Pristine Wilderness Beckons Me

Finding your level is important in everything you do in life, whether it be sport, love or work. Kayaking is a wonderful recreational activity and I am reminded of the Inuits in their canoes. The frozen wastelands, seals, penguins and polar bears. Pristine wilderness and crystal formations in icebergs catching prisms of light. There is a poetry in nature, when I am at one with my kayak and the elements. I love to feel the spray of chilled water, as my paddle cuts beneath the surface. It is like a union of souls, dancing in a subatomic quantum universe.

Piston Like Legs Bend Those Pedals

I wonder if it was like that for Lance Armstrong, as he led the peloton up the Pyrenees? The chemically altered blood pumping in his arteries and veins, as his piston like legs bent those pedals to his will. For me, it is the muscles in my back and shoulders, which burn like incandescent filigree inside my globe. My breath comes in regular oscillations from one side to another, as I pull my blades through the aqua blue. White topped wavelets roam the freezing marine expanses for as far as the eye can see. It is good to be alive! It’s about the kayak, stupid.