In my own personal experience, I see in life, in all its guises, opportunities to find my own meditations. What do I mean by that? Golfers talk about ‘being in the zone’. Many different sportspeople have written and spoken about a particular mental state, where they perform at their best. This state is characterised by a deepened focus, which producers, an almost, effortless grace. Finding your own meditation, is like the pathway to the samadhi and satori experiences, which the Indian gurus speak of. It is similar to the hypnotic state and trance like in its intensity. This is life at the centre, rather than at its edges.

Life Your Life with Intention

Living with intention is another important tenet to embrace. Don’t allow your life to be one long series of accidental incidents. Take control of your ship and direct it where it best serves your life purpose. Too many folks just bump along in the shallows and wonder why they haven’t achieved their goals. We all need to be prepared to swim out to where the deep channels move things along. You cannot be assisted by floaties forever. At a certain point you must stop playing it safe and strike out to where the big boys and girls play.

Into the Heart of Existence

Sport can focus the body and mind, which can be a guide rope to ensure that you are heading in the right direction. I have utilised my competitive nature to deepen my experience of being alive. Not, just, in a sensory manner, but into the heart of existence itself. Real beauty is found via consciousness and the awareness you bring to your entre existence. It is not enough to stumble along, consuming things, it takes courage to face yourself. To see the dark sides of your nature and own your totality.

Go Where You Fear to Tread

Finding your own meditation is the first step in finding yourself. Go where you fear to tread. See beyond the abyss and into the other side. Whether it be a sporting pathway or something else, it is vital to get beyond the definitions of others. It may be a solo trip into nature, a hike into the unknown, a trip that takes you off the beaten track. It can be surfing the crest of a wave or barrelling down into a worm hole. It can be gliding upon virgin waters at dawn, when the sunrise cracks your psyche wide open. It can be so many things and take so many forms.