When I paddle out across unchartered waters, and when I am totally alone, I feel one with nature. I love to take deep breaths and sense my connection with a deeper part of myself. This element contains me and the planet. Being at one with nature turns me on like nothing else. When you can see your breath as steam over a chilled expanse of water and the sky above you shimmers in the light, you know that you are alive. It is an extraordinary state of consciousness, which opens me up to a spiritual dimension unreachable otherwise.

I Seek the Wilderness

As an adventurer in the 21C, I seek the wilderness, away from the big cities and their packed in populations. Why do human beings live all crammed together in smelly, dirty urban settings, when there are pristine places still upon this earth? Are most of us too scared to head out on our own? Do the bulk of us feel the need to cling to each other? Are you willing to step out on your own, off the beaten track, and experience life in its rawness? Will you paddle out upon a virgin body of water, without any other human being in sight? How do you imagine that it would make you feel?

Challenge Yourself

Finding your strength in the recesses of a cave system hundreds of metres underground will test your mettle like nothing else. Challenging yourself by staring into the abyss will unleash aspects of your identity from the darker side. Do you know who you really are? Have you pushed that envelope until breaking point? Too many of us blob about in the comfort zone, overweight, underdeveloped emotionally, and without any true knowledge of ourselves. Challenge yourself and go where others fear to tread.

The Nature of My Entity

Being at one with nature is not all touchy feely, bubble bath, stuff, sometimes it is downright scary. Nature eats pussies for breakfast. Nature says that the strong will survive. When I swim naked in an untouched mountain reservoir I am thrilled to my core. I take the deepest breath I can muster and dive down to try and reach the bottom. Sometimes I can never find the bottom and have to rise back up breathless in wonder. Exploring the wilds is what makes me who I am. Feeling the breeze blow upon my skin in the night, as I lay there all alone, speaks volumes about the nature of my entity.